Make Your Restaurant Stand Out!

About Us:

Restaurant's Secret Weapon is a restaurant marketing company that solves the biggest problem restaurants have: attracting new and bringing back returning guests. We build systems to attract both new customers AND bring old ones back in an automated system, while building databases of segmented customer data so you can track your front-end sales on autopilot! This is much more than a simple social media posting strategy.

This ultimate restaurant marketing tool will help to keep your restaurant full, from opening day through the slowest seasons. With our integrated CRM platform, we provide insights into your customer base and what drives them to come in more often based on which segmentation layer is being analyzed!

When it comes to reaching more guests you need a proven restaurant marketing plan. One that provides the best restaurant marketing strategies for places just like yours. Restaurant Marketing Strategies are complex and ever changing but using creative strategies to inform you about your Restaurant guests can help drive new revenue. If you want a proven way to increase sales volume in your restaurant, then reach out to us today for a live demo of our Restaurant’s Secret Weapon system!